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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Best Clothing Boutique in Uptown Charlotte - Ivy & Leo

The one thing I knew I'd miss about Raleigh was not being able to shop at my favorite boutiques - you know, the ones that carry only 5-6 of one item and have sales girls that not only remember your name, but exactly what you like and can offer suggestions. I know that Charlotte is known for having a great mall (that I have yet to go to), but I wanted to find what I had back home....and I did!

I stumbled across Ivy & Leo on my 2nd day, while exploring the city with my cousin and sister. It's located in Founder's Hall of the Bank of America Plaza. In case you've never been there, he's a photo of the Founder's Hall sign, it's at the corner of Tryon St and Trade St:

Ivy & Leo has two location in Charlotte, but I've only been to this one. They are constantly getting new shipments in which means you can always find something new, even if you venture there often! Plus, their clothes are relatively inexpensive- I picked up a dress for $35 last week!

LOVE this store!

I may have to go back for this necklace...
The store isn't big, but has a TON of different things, from maxi dresses, to formal one shoulder gauzy numbers to those lace mini shorts that you don't really need but should have anyway...the store is organized by style, so all strapless dresses are together, etc. I think that makes for easier shopping rather than having the store sorted by color. If you work up an appetite from all that shopping, treat yourself to a smoothie at Jamba Juice next door! Happy Shopping!


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    1. Of course you did! Thanks for helping me explore the city, cuz!


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